anti yo, werrd, one drop, yomega, and yyf

and once i package it is a done deal
loop 900 not for trade anymore
yomega blazer: cash or trade; it has alot of scratches exeptional throw though.
anti- yo ywet: offer well, trade only; one nick and great throw!!
one drop 54, offer well, trade only; minor scratches hard to see awesome throw.
werrd POO:offer good no nicks awesome throw
yyj black knight trade or cash
yyf 2.0 one response pad missing: ok throw like new except for the bearing and pads…

wants: yyf supernova
yyf 888.11
wooly markmont
dri ywet
********* Cheif*****
spyy ronnin
yyf mutant dna
but p.m me with any other offers thanks

link to pictures doesn’t work.

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How much would you pay for a 888.11 Eight o eight edition.