Walmart foam, what should I ask for?

Does Walmart even sell any flat foam products that could be used for a case (not the egg-case shaped pieces)? If so, what specific product name should I ask for?

I say this because I can ask if they have any foam, but they usually don’t consider other products like chair pads and thus say no, when they really do.

I know there are other places that sell them like Jo Annes but that is really really far, and, I can’t buy online so I’d rather go to Walmart if that’s an option.


I’ve never seen any thick, flat foam good for making cases at Walmart

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Walmart should have foam called " hard foam " and " soft foam " these are both excellent for making cases. Your local hardware, hobby store and even gun store ( idk if you have one but the foam they use to make pistol cases is real nice.) will carry foam.

Check if you have a local fabric store, cushion foam works great for me.