Another foam thread...

Bought a couple wall cases at Aaron Brothers, looking to buy some foam on and was just curious what type of foam some of you other guys have purchased on there? Regular charcoal foam? Firm charcoal? Pick and pluck charcoal? Anyone using thin foam as a backer? Probably going to buy enough to make a couple wall cases then maybe just a storage case or two so want to make sure I get the right foam for the job.

I just bought some foam at Wal Mart that’s used for stuffing cushions.

I believe the general consent is that the regular charcoal works great. The firm stuff is a little too firm. And though some recommend it, I personally HATE the pick and pluck foam. Looks cheesy.

The pick and pluck foam is fine, but if something happens, it just goes to crap fast. I wouldn’t say I hate it, but for yoyos, it’s NOT the right material.

For yoyos, the best way is like you said. The charcoal looks great, has the right amount of firmness and the right look.