Duncan Yo-Yo Case - How to deal with the foam?


Hi everybody,

I just received the new Duncan case for 24 yoyos. I noticed that the columns of foam that are blanked out go all the way through (no protection from the sides). Even when putting in two yoyos I would probably want to have foam at the sides and in between the yoyos. What do you suggest? Should I just take a knife and cut the column in multiple pieces? What is the best way of doing it?

Also, what are these very small columns in the middle for? Only bearing tubes (which I don’t have)?



Honestly I feel like nobody makes a good case anymore. Wish star foam would come back and hard cases.


I’m not a fan of the double stacking cases. I prefer my large YYE bag. That thing is nice.

The only thing I can contribute to this thread is about the little holes that are in the case between the yo-yo holes. I’m pretty sure that’s where you stick in the counter weights.


I just don’t have the room for such a big case, so I’m glad Duncan made this one which still has the dimensions of a 12 yoyo case, but just twice as thick (like stacking two 12 yoyo cases on top of each other).

I spent some time customizing the foam in my Duncan 24 case. I just used scissors to cut the “columns”, as you refer to them, into 1.5" discs and then started stacking yoyos. It worked out perfectly. The very small holes are for whatever you want to stuff in there. I put some string in one, but this case will probably not do a lot of traveling. I plan to use it to store a lot of my collection. I have another 12 yoyo case that I use for everyday.

The only issue I have is that I wish Duncan had put a zipper closeable “door” on each side of the case. The way it’s designed now, you have to pull out the entire foam insert to access the yoyos on the bottom, or dig down deep from the top. Meh… not a deal breaker for me.