Walking menus is a pain!

I have been having this issue for years; but lately it seems to be worse. Maybe I am getting old; but I am finding it increasingly difficult to navigate from left to right on your pull-down menus. I pick a manufacturer and try to go to the next menu, but if I am not perfectly horizontal, I lose the selection and have to start over.

  1. Make the minimum height of the menu items larger to allow more room for error.
  2. disable new selection on the first menu when the person is moving the cursor left/right on the first menu? If the change in x is greater than change in y for the cursor movement; disable current menu from making new selections until the change in x is less than change in y for a given cursor movement.

We’re planning a menu overhaul when we update the forum/blog sections of the site. I made a note to look into this with the new update, thanks for the feedback!


This continues to be a frustrating problem for me in both Chrome and Safari. I think the problem is the entire idea of “walking menus”.

Have you thought of using a tree-control for menus? Instead of multiple menus that are activated by walking, the entire menu is a tree structure like a file browser. Each "directory’ is a brand and the sub-tree (files) are the yo-yo’s. Clicking on the brand, opens the sub-tree of that brand’s yo-yo’s.

The key is that the tree control is all in one window or pop-up. Losing one selection does not automatically dismiss the entire menu structure - just the single sub-tree being browsed. The tree control stays open until you move the cursor off the entire control; not just one menu.


HUGE website overhaul coming AGAIN - haha. :blush:

Will be curious what you think - and will take feedback after too (and this into account too!)


I think it is great that you are willing to re-design the whole site in response to my posts.
Is that what they call “responsive design”? :slight_smile:

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I was trying to do shopping to see if there was anything to catch my fancy for the Black Friday Sale. Same old problem trying to locate brands and review stock using these frustrating menus.

I just gave up. It is just too irritating for words.

Soon come; redesign?

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Now I’m excited :joy: