DISCLAIMER: This is absolutely NOT a thread to discuss and/or complain about past VsNYYC actions, this is strictly poll related, thank you.

Well everyone, if you’ve been here for over two years, you probably know what went down. For you newcomers, a few years back, the VsNYYC owner took advantage of a charitable organization, taking around $4000. After pressure, he donated the money. He left the yo-yo scene. It’s inevitable, somebody was going to bring it up.

In all honesty, how would you guys feel if VsNYYC ever came back, would you support it, or not? Seriously, your honest opinions. If you feel yes, say it. If you think absolutely not, say it. Thanks.

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I would want a sincere apology from the company.
But yes, seeing the company return would be very cool especially with the new yoyo scene, I would be excited to see what the people would create.

It’d be great for some of the models to be reproduced, even if under a different brand. Assuming Heath has no interest in resurrecting Vs. Newton, I’d love to see another company purchase the CADs and pop out a few more Septopai and Ti-Walkers, among others. With an apology and full reparations, I’d be down for a VsNYYC return.

What if Heath was involved, would that change your outlook?

I just edited my post to reflect that idea, but not really. Assuming everything is paid back (was it?) and he apologized for everything, I’d give him another chance.

I’d have to do some digging, but I believe there is photographic proof that everything was paid back.

Maybe I’m too far removed from the situation (bought my first Vs. Newton on the BST after everything went down), and DEFINITELY some things are worse than others… but I’m all for second chances. Plus, he really did produce some amazing throws that I wish were more available.

I don’t know anything about this situation, but the way you’ve been talking id say you might be involved, op.

Whoa lets establish something. I had no part in any of that. You can see I joined long after any of that took place. I’ve been talking with the owner looking for some of his old throws that I could purchase. This is just a hypothetical.

This guy is like Officially sponsored by Usa Hattricks

why would you say that? On topic, I’d be down for a return.

i spent years regularly interacting with people who stiffed me for debts of up to 50k that owed other people even bigger numbers so yeah, if vsnyyc came back and there were yoyos that i thought would be a good fit for me, i would buy them. more ti walkers, moonwalkers and other goodness would be great. some people like obscure yoyos because theyre obscure, i like yoyos that play awesome whether its a regular old shutter or the newest fanciest japanese whatever and there are some fantastic vsnyyc throws that there arent nearly enough of out there

I do not think that my desire for a VSNYC yo-yo has anything to do with an apology. What is water under the bridge; is just that. My personal opinion of the proprietor has no bearing on my love for my Ti Walker and Skywalker.

Regardless of the water, or whatever; I would seriously consider any yo-yo that Heath designed. Would I send him money for a pre-order? No.

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Do I really say it that much lol?

Just curious…

There are a ton of companies, old and new, who are actively contributing a load to the current yoyo industry and community. They are producing a range of products that is incredibly vast, high quality, and caters to pretty much every single whim and need. They’ve established themselves with their brand, their quality, and their actions.

So, considering that as a yoyo player you quite literally have everything you could ever want at your fingertips (and still more coming every single day) why on Earth would anyone feel like they needed to resurrect a poorly implemented company with mediocre designs that was run by a thief?

I’m legitimately curious as to why anyone would feel like we needed that guy back, considering that just a few scant years later I cannot think of anything he contributed. Not a single thing.


Lol. Yah…, the guy sounds like the Madoff of the Yo-Yo Community. Think about it. A $4,000 laundering scheme involving Yo-Yo’s, that has to be the record.

Vs Newtons are half-baked and sold primarily under the guise of being cool. Can there be a poll option for “No, but still want an apology”?

I played a SkyWalker and it was pretty great. But that doesn’t mean I need to see VsNYYC come back. My money can happily go to any of the many companies (as Steve stated) making great stuff right now.

I know nothing of the situation but just reading this thread I can say I’d want nothing to do with the company or former proprietor.

In the bitterest of ironies, I suddenly really want a Skywalker. Haha! Just for how it played, which IMO is very nice…

I probably shouldn’t have outted myself for that feeling, but I’m nothing if not honest…