vsNYYC Ti Walker Holders Thread!

I want to more than like this comment. But sadly I’m on the app and can’t even like it right now.

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a curiosity… because the numbering of the original thead don’t reach 89?
I always knew that tiwalker are 90, numbered from 0 to 89, plus three pre-pro and three B-grade …

I’ve been wondering that myself. I know Alphuh just got #83 (though I thought there were only 81). He was telling me about their numbering, maybe he can chime in.

You can put me down for #43 Jason Wong anodized, #14 and #16 I had #83 but I just sold it to Alphuh so that is the current holder of good ol’ # 83. Thanks n happy throwing!

…oooh pix?

#4 here

MLYYM! Good to see you again. I’ll add you to the list.

Proud owner of #19.

Where are all the Ti Walker’s?

I now own #67. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the club! We meet every other Thursday or whenever stickman feels like it :wink:

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That’s Right !! :wink:

Next meeting is February 14th at the Taco Bell on W. 57th Ave.
Last one there has to buy me a Chalupa.

BTW: Vegabomb, As Linkslegionaire said, “Congratulations on your purchase.” It’s a phenomenal YoYo !!
This must be the Ti-Walker I saw recently listed on eBay ? I was impressed with the asking price.
I had a feeling that Ti-Walkers would eventually make their way to that price range. They are certainly worth it IMO.

Thanks guys. This is actually the third one I’ve owned. I traded the other two long ago and regretted it deeply. This one is here to stay as an everyday player. The TiWalker and original Torrent are the two smoothest yo-yos ever manufactured in my opinion.

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I’ve got 70

Happy to join this elite crowd–#16 for me!

Also, his more colorful cousin is gonna hang around for a while too…

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Anmo, congrats on the TiWalker!


She is a beauty !! ;D…Congrats

A Liquid Denim Sept too? Dang!

Very similar to what my wife said… though probably different tone. :wink: