VsNYYC TiWalker #43


Title says it all. I have a VsNYYC TiWalker. It is #43, ano’d by Mr Jason Wong. As far as I know it is one of the only TiWalker Anos he did. It has never been sparked and has been treated very very well. It is mint. I am under the personal belief that if I am not going to use the yoyo then I should sell it and as much as I love it, I’m not an amazing yoyo-er and every time I bust it out I feel like I have to be extraordinarily careful with it. Anyway, pls bump my page and send me offers. I want $$$ for this one, sry all. If I see some interest I will take some pics of it. I’m just kinda gauging the hype level right now. I also may be able to find the box if that interests any collectors out there.

After a few minutes of searching, here are some pics of my yoyo taken by Jason Wong. Its about half way down the page, you should be able to see the #43



Just a heads up you need to post photos that you took not someone else.


I’m guessing that since you just joined this forum today, and you have 0 feedback,
that you are willing to ship first?


How about a picture of your yo-yo in front today’s paper?
… very sketchy.

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