VsNYYC Ti-Walker Axle Replacement

Hi guys, I have a VsNYYC Ti-Walker and a few years back I lost the axle. I contacted Heath (owner of VsNYYC) about getting a replacement but the ones he sent never reached me and when he gave me the specs to cut my own (which I have unfortunately lost I’m afraid :frowning: ) they didn’t fit.

So I was hoping someone would help me replace the axle by building a replica for me (I’ll pay for shipping and materials, etc of course). I’ve tried using the axle from my sky walker but it didn’t fit so I think that making a replica of that won’t fit.

Thank you for your time and help :slight_smile:

Take it to a hardware store (or whatever you call them in the UK, a place that sells screws etc) and find a thread size that fits. Then cut your own. You may even find something that fits right off. If you have to cut one be sure to smooth the cut end.

Too funny.

the sky walker should have steps from the Anglo-Saxon thread … I’m looking at my Ti, seems to me a normal wheat M4 (metric then) and I can certainly tell you that is 7.85 mm long … try to go into hardware store with cups and ask one to try a wheat M4 of 8mm, you will help.

P.S. that number is your Ti-walker?

Get ready to be bombarded with offers.


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I laughed. Hopefully you don’t believe this?

That gave me a right good giggle. ;D

Thanks, I’ll try to do this later this week when I get the chance.

What do you mean about my Ti Walker’s no.?

Nathan, I’m somewhat sceptical given what happened later (this all happened before the charity controversy) but eh, what can you do?

You Ti-walker is # ?

My is #75



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Lex - you could post your info here:
sNYYC Ti Walker Holders Thread!

Ok, just done that now.

So just thought I’d post an update. I’ve managed to find a replacement axle to my Ti-Walker; I tried the axle of my YYF 44Clash (the YYF 8mm axle) and it fit the Ti-Walker perfectly. I’ve experienced no problems so far.

Thanks to everyone for their help. :slight_smile:

like I said, is the classical metric axle M4 of 8mm … good throws!