Replacement axle for VSNYYC Sky Walker?


So I somehow destroyed the axle on my D-bearing Sky Walker and I’m in need of a replacement. Does anybody know what size axle it takes and, if so, where I can get it? Thanks in advance.



You might want to ask Heath Vizier on Facebook.


Or you might go to the hardware store…



Just go to a good hardware store like jhb8426 suggested and ask them for “Set Screws”. They come in all lengths and diameters. You might want to stock up on a few of the most popular sizes since you’re there.


Thanks guys, I’ll swing by sometime this weekend.


(laxdude99) #6

Yyf supernova axle is identical thats what heath told me to use


Then that would be an M4 set screw, 8 mm long.
(M4 screw size is 4 mm x .7 mm pithch)


Just tried the axle from my Supernova. No luck there. I’m guess the later run Sky Walkers may have smaller axles. Looks like I’ll have to make a trip to the hardware store tomorrow.