Vs Newton YoYo Concepts presents.....the Sky Walker!!!

hi everyone! id like to start off by introducing myself. most of you may know me on other forums as this same name (my full name is Heath Vizier), but this is for you guys at YYE (check me out on the nation forum for credibility)

if ANYONE from YYE staff finds this offensive, PLEASE PM me and we can discuss it further. i REALLY dont want to step on anyones toes

While we don’t find this “offensive material” at all - it is rather impolite to use a forum to advertise and sell your product - especially without first contacting the owner. The sport of yo-yoing is currently supported by a very few select manufacturers and online stores and they should be supported in turn for making the sport what it is. Simply using what they have created to sell your own product is unfair. Feel free to PM us to discuss further. Thanks.

If someone reading this wants to contact this individual feel free and at your own risk but things like this should not be placed on our main message board. Thank you all for understanding.[/b]

please feel free to PM me with ANY questions regarding this project, and thanks for the interest

If it were a 51mm or 50mm diameter I’d think about it

It looks amazing!


if i order 100 the yoyos cost 34$ each to make, then 10$ to anodize, 2 for a bearing, and at least 4 to ship to and from the anodizer. if i charge 50$ for a yoyo that costs 50$ im not making any profit at all

ill be happy to show receipts when i make the order

Take it easy, He probably needs the money for more materials, a one foot bar of aluminum is like 20 bucks, not to mention the guts like silicone and bearings and lathe time and… so, you get the Idea, and Hes new, take it easy on him guys! By the way, welcome to the forums! ;D

actually, i checked the rules and they say i can as long as YYE doesnt sell the product i solicit its ok

thanks for the unneeded harshness though :smiley:

not to mention machining costs, silicone, axles, etc…ill be lucky to break even, but its my way of contributing to the community that im a part of

and thanks for the welcome raymondini :slight_smile:

if your machine shop charges the same for 25 as they do for 300 then

a.) my machine shop produces a superior product
b.) the standards of your machine shop are so low that only 2 of those yoyos will be of any value
c.) youve done LOTS of runs there before, or have personal friends at the shop
d.) im getting ripped off :-[ (i highly doubt it though as ive shopped around)
e.) your going plastic

furthermore, why are you making yoyos if one drop makes cheap ones?

seriously, crawl back under your bridge…