Vs. Newton Charity Issues

The more I look back the more upset I get. The fact that his apology contained another lie (stating this was the second payment) infuriates me. I promoted this event. I contacted Heath when this whole thing started up and asked him for any information and hoped it was a misunderstanding.
Worse yet, this will cast skepticism to any legit charity drives within the community in the future.

I am so disappointed. I lost my mother to cancer. My Grandfather had complications with heart- disease that were not treatable because of cancer. I have had two close calls with cancer. I was striving for this charity drive…

Sorry, I don’t mean to rant. I am just disappointed and upset

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What I just don’t get about this is why. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I was reserving judgement despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary because of this.

3 grand? I mean, geez. For some of you younger folks that probably seems like a fortune but 3 grand is…I’ve got more than 3 grand just in yoyos and I’m not rich. Why you would ever run a scam, or ever decide to scam, for this amount of money is totally baffling to me. And then the more obvious problem, you knew you were never just going to get away with it. There are thousands of people involved.

It just doesn’t add up. I feel like there has to be more twists and turns to the story.

You kinda answered that in It’s self.
3 grand isn’t a lot. Only a child would think it is. It’s not worth it. He’s just immature. That’s why he’d do it.

Nope. Just good old fashioned human greed and stupidity.

I find it interesting how much of this resembles the B.I.O. scandal. That being said, this is much MUCH more severe. Sad day :C

i know this comment has nothing to do with vsnyyc but in the other thread someone made a comment saying there was a recrev scandal. what exactly happened with tthat?

The RecRev scandal dates a few years back.

I can’t even put into words how disappointed I am by this. Even if I wasn’t apart of the charity, something like this happening is still very disappointing. Heath is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Which only disappoints me more.

Digging for emails with Heath and found this:

I want to throw up.

Screen shot … so not cool. So so not cool.


This whole situation has really made me speechless. All this evidence all coming to light at once is a whole lot to take in and process. I want this to be felt with properly, but I can’t wait til it’s done and resolved so this community can move forward.

Hey guys,
I had cancer, and got over it as well earlier this year. I count every day a better and brighter day since then. I’ve dinged more yoyos with a smile on my face then most anyone on this forum, because I had cancer. Because I realized that condition isn’t everything, and that yoyos are the best toy in the world and they need to be played with, not fretted over. But there are still a few yoyos I own that get played with a tid bit of extra care. My worlds skywalker has always been one of those.

Now Im stuck feeling like I should film myself hitting it with a sledgehammer and posting it.

I should do it in slo-mo.

And if you think I should give it away instead, I ask you this. If somebody gave you a gun that was used to kill a cancer victim, would you want to use it to learn how to shoot?

~Benji Sharib


as much as i really really really want to see that, i dont think it would help this situation other than get some anger out. what really would help would be to sell the yoyo and donate the proceeds to cancer charity. on the other hand sledgehammer… well i know youlle do the right thing.

I strongly urge you not to just smash it with a sledgehammer. Despite all the bad press VSNYYC have been getting, it’s still a highly sought after throw and you could do a lot of good for a charity by auctioning it off.

Also, for future charity drive sort of things, one way to prevent something like this happening again is to just have the winner of the throw donate the money directly to charity and then show the receipt to the current holder of the auction item before it’s shipped off. Not foolproof by any means, but this way at least the charity gets their money.


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I never like to get involved with these sort of things… But man is this situation wrong.

Makes me angry inside that someone would have it in them to do such a thing. >:(

Im not going to smash it, though it is tempting.
I might sell it.

As of now I’ll simmer.

This is horrible.

The only word I can use to describe it.

And what exactly was the RecRev scandal?

Pretty much just the classic private sale scamming. Yoyos paid for but not sent or sent in much worse condition than advertised. That it happened to be the owner of recrev made it more newsworthy.

Well, that is kind of it in a nutshell. It was a much more complex situation. Perhaps a separate thread should be started for those who are curious about what happened?

Yeah, I just didn’t think it really required a whole thing. If you really want there are records of the whole deal on that other site, but it’ll take a while to get through everything. Basically, bad trading, no communication, scamming.

I guess the only interesting bit is that recrev as a brand was created specifically because his (Alex Kim) reputation was so bad under his original name B.I.O. The first recrev throw was called the “BadRep” for a reason.

Yes, a quick search for Alex Kim on the “other” forum should give plenty of information on the B.I.O./RecRev ordeal.

For now, let’s keep this discussion geared toward Vs. Newton issues.