Vortex Yoyo Trick Slow-Mo Breakdown! (Video Tutorial)

Here is a yoyo video I made showing you how to preform this trick Vortex. Inspired by Montgomery Twist.

Anyway, hope you like learning this trick! And this is my first tutorial, so yeah. And it is more of a plain break down in slow-mo, not really a full on tutorial. Hope you learn this trick and have fune with it! :slight_smile:

Open this video up in full-screen to see the video better.
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like the trick!

~James Reed

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i realy like it,good for stage peformances.

Reminds me of a modified C-cow-B, or my trick: The Grand Panjandrum. Looks good!

Wicked sick move there I always wondered how you do that.

Thanks guys, I just made up the trick 2 days ago. I like it, and it looks cool once you get the hang of it and go really fast. :slight_smile: