Vivo's New Whip String Review!

Vivo’s New Whip String Review!

Okay, so last time I reviewed metal man’s Whip String, and it was a pretty good string. But then he made improvements of it, so I decided to test it. And here is his new and improved string!

Out of the envelope.

So one day I was playing with my Protostar, then my dad was all like “Man, what a beautiful handwriting!” I knew it was from metal man. So I opened the envelope, and I was expecting more from the string. I thought the string was going to have like a combination or something but the string was pure orange. It really looked like Highlights, except it was darker orange. I think it’s just like that because he just wanted me to test it. So I pulled it out of the envelope, and I thought it was pretty short. Meh, no one cares. So then I took my slick string that was on my Protostar, threw it away, and then I connected the Whip String to my Protostar.


On my first throw, I had that Highlights feel. Man, did metal man sent me the wrong string? I kept playing with it. Until… BAM! I tried follow on it, beautiful, oh beautiful follow. But I mean, it’s not only good at whips, it’s also good for everything. EVERYTHING. I really like this string. It’s just really good. I would really prefer this string to Angel Hairs.

Here are some pictures!

Whip String’s Texture

Messin’ Around

The green is Angel Hairs, the Orange is Whip String, the purple is YYS 100% Poly String.

There is a not on the end so you can adjust the way you want your slipknot’s going to be.

Pros and Cons:


  • Great Play. Really good on everything. (Slacks, Whips, Suicides… etc.)
  • Long Lasting.


  • It’s kinda short for me. I’m 5’9".

So I hoped you enjoyed my review. So far, this string is really good. I recommend it to everyone.

PM metal man if you wanna buy these strings!;u=2514

Any comments will be appreciated.

That’s the end of my review, have a good day to everyone.