ok so this is my own personal handmade string. i have played it days on end never had to fix the string tension once. looking for a tester. the only color is blue at the moment

I’ll test, I make my own string too.

I’ll gladly test it! :slight_smile:


ooh ooh pick me i want to test it. please chose me

It would be my first home made string, but I would be open to testing.

Worth a try ;D

i do alot of tricks where string tension is really a problem so if you need a tester i’d love to try it

I’ll test unless, there are already enough people. And guys, you should make a review of it or the test would would not do any good at all :wink:

hey, ill test. ill also right a review. unless theres to meny people

I’ll test, I have tried many types of string and I make my own string too. :slight_smile:

i would be glad to test it out for you

Ok i have a list Lol.

ONE will be chosen out of this list

james reed
frozen yeti baby
statens islands man

sorry guys thats it.

And how will we be chosen?

I propose a race around the world. Tommorow it shall begin in time square.