vII train wreck question

(JackG) #1

i just got this yoyo and…it was responsive
i dont mean snaggy or anything but i mean responsive
just as responsive as my cold fusion

ok now i am wondering how i could make it UNresponsive. i have thin lube but i see no C clips
any other ideas,
or how to remove shields
thanks in advance


that bearing doesnt use c clips, you can clean it with the shields on or what i would recommend is to break it in, once you do its amazing, i broke the one in my train wreck v1 in and its unbelievable how smooth it plays

(Cinimod105) #3

You could still remove the shield without the c-clips. For me, I just poked the needle into a small hole at the centre of the bearing and pried it outwards so that the needle goes under the shield and I can use the inner ring of the bearing as a lever to pry it out.


This works just fine. I will add though that the shield will never go back in. So if you like your bearings shielded don’t do this. If you don’t really care then I’d say go for it! I do.