Video quitting


Well? For me it’s “more”


u forgot the never option :wink:




every time she has caught me


I can’t really remember…wait, I think I was filming you and you quit on me, so is that one for you or for me?


1, 2, more, 3.


Yeah people had already voted and then I realized I needed a “never” option


Any time I’ve decided to make a video, I’ve made it.

(Amplified) #9

Even when I don’t really plan to make videos, I make videos.


New option negative once jk


Once I set myself on doing it, I always get it done. Just starting a project and not finishing it leaves me feeling so empty. And that’s nowhere as good feeling as when you actually get a video up that you’re proud of.


I usually quit on a video when I star editing it

  1. I suck at it
  2. It’s hard to make it look good and give it the wow factor
  3. I see all the mistakes I made and see it’s a nightmare to do if I do start editing it.
  4. Finding the perfect music is like a nightmare

So I have about 2-3 videos in the works I am probably never going to complete again.