Video Marketing For A Startup Company

Hello Everyone! Some of you might remember me from awhile back, I used to be quite the active fellow around these parts. While I’ve been away not only did I keep my love for yoyoing, I also kept my interest in videography.

Cutting right to the chase. Ive become interested in the field of video marketing. I thought what better way to gain some experience and education in the field then doing a project amongst the encouraging and supportive yo-yo community. Getting into the specifics of what I’m talking about I would like to make a TV style add featuring A roll and B roll, Product shot and Voiceovers all revolving around a yo-yo. The best example I can think of off my head would be something along the lines of a car commercial only it would be a yo-yo. It would start off with awesome footage of the yo-yo, talk about the key features of the yo-yo, exact specifications, comparison of key features and specs to a competitors yo-yo (all instructive and positive of course) and it would end with a few tricks some more product shots and the pricing and availability of the yo-yo.

If anyone of you new company members or owners find this approach interesting and would be willing to work with an amateur marketer but fairly skilled videographer such as myself, you should hit me up via private message so we can discuss the specifics in further detail. The reason I want to do this for a startup company and not on a larger scale is for a couple different reasons. For one startup companies are the ones looking for free and or very cheap advertising. And also it reduces the stress level for me since after all I’m not super familiar with commercial style content. I hope there is at least one of you who would be interested in partnering with me to try this out. I’m not looking for money I just want to do it for the experience of the situation. And maybe it would be something I could put on a resume someday.

My video gear and previous projects

Panasonic LUMIX G7 (4K capable)

Cannon 5D Mark 3

GoPro Hero 3Plus Black

iPhone 6S camera

I have an assortment of lenses as well as some audio gear to go with that.

As for the projects, checkout my personal YouTube (Keep in mind the videos are older)

I also do blacksmithing videos with a friend (these projects are much more recent and way better)

Again if your interested hit me up. Also if you think I’m crazy for wanting to try this let me know with some discussion down below. I would love to hear any kind of feedback you guys have.

Note to Forum Admins: I hope this post is appropriate, I’m not as brushed up on the forum rules as I used to be. Move it or deleted as necessary. Thank you for your time and all that you do.