Video Dedicated to Andre!


Hey heres a vid to Andre hes been real nice latley!



Nice,seems a bit weird,I dont know if its your camera or something,but whatever,nice yoyoing.

(Jei Cheetah) #3

Nice job!

You are getting quite good.

You got smooth play down quite well, and I like that, its a hard skill to develop, but it seems to have come quite naturally to you.

I liked it!

Keep it up! :slight_smile:



What do you mean André’s been nice lately? Hes always been nice :smiley:

Amazing video Abe. My favorite one from you :slight_smile:


Thanks Samad what i meant is he did something real nice for me also hes always been very nice


How long have you been yoyoing?
That was really good!


Very nice video, you’re pretty smooth but video quality isn’t very good.


Really nice vid. But it looks like your yoyoing one frame at a time. But still nice tricks ;D ;D

(Frank W.) #9

That was really nice keep it up!