I was asking if people wanted a category for 14 and unders. I just decided that we’d add a prize for the best under 14 video – so everything is as it was! Four categories, four prizes and one prize for the best under 14 video of the whole bunch. Sound good?

For category 1… been yoyoin for 5 months

My Category 4:

Ya sounds great, but do you know what the prize is for the people under 14?

Working on it! It will be a Yoyojam yoyo. Haven’t determined which one, though…

A few more days!
my entry

Thanks for the entry!

Just a few days left!

Thanks. There’s a lot of GREAT entries!

Now theres no time left to enter!

Video contest voting has begun! Check the first message in the thread for links to the playlists and to Erik’s Facebook page. Thanks!

Facebook isn’t a very good way of vote then is it? It’s all about friends. If you send a message to all friends to vote for your video then it will win. Limiting the votes to a yoyo community would be a lot more logical and fair to everyone…