Video contest: Give This Trick A Happy Ending (Packer Edition)

[b]You know when you start creating a trick but can’t finish it?

This is exactly what happened to Danilo Packer. He came up with this trick but he doesn’t know how to end it. It’s up to you to use all your creativity to give this trick a happy ending!

To participate you have to create a great ending, record the complete trick and submit it at or The winner is going to receive a t-shirt, stickers, yoyo and cards from Duncan and strings and stylish accessories from Vulto. We are also looking for new players to join the team, so this is a great opportunity!

Please submit your videos by  July 22nd (next Thursday). You have 10 days.

To vote visit Voting will be closed on July 24th and the winner will be announced the day after.

You can publish your video at YouTube, Vimeo, MySpace or Google Videos. E-mail us if you have any questions[/b]