My precious Trinity got vibration. How do I get rid of vibe? My lil brother got mad and threw my Trinity it bounced of the wall, I picked it up did a sleeper then a grind, I felt the vibe so I really need to know how to get rid of it

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I’m guessing the axle is bent, I would get a new one.

EDIT: Get as new axle that is.


Throw it against the other wall to even things out.

Then get a new axle.

Or bearing.

Or Trinity.

Or send to Landon Balk for re-tapping.

I’d start with swapping the bearing.

The next step would be the axle. You might see if the Trinity uses the same axle as something else. You can go to a hardware store and probably match up the set-screw. If problems here, depending what the issue is, it may need to be re-tapped, and in which case it would need a new axle anyways.

A new Trinity would be a last-ditch solution.


Thanks guys both of you I changed the axle I used a Yyf axle that I took from my Supernova (didn’t really like it too many snags) and now its super smooth BTW what is retapping?


Wait is that sarcasm or will it actually help?


There’s only one way to find out now, isn’t there?

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He was being silly. If you want even things out, try throwing it at your brother.

That was a joke, too :wink:


0_0 Dude, the Supernova uses a completely different sized axle than the Trinity, the Trinity uses an 8-32 sized axle, the Supernova a M4-0.7. Stop using the Supernova axle or the Trinity’s gonna get A LOT worse. If you want, I can send you an axle, the Trinity is also one of my personal favorites and I’m in a giving mood :slight_smile:


Whoops sorry too late


Really because its working perfectly now but i don’t know your the expert so Ill PM you so I can give you the address where to send the axle thanks a lot dude :slight_smile:


Take the yoyo to the hardware store and get an 8-32 screw. See if it fits. If you can get a set screw of the right size, you’re done. Otherwise get a regular screw and cut the head off. Smooth the cut end with a fine file.


Thanks but someone is giving me an axle :slight_smile: