im confused on wht causes vibe cause i have a c13 that just started gettin rly bad vibe every couple throws idk if its my throw or the yoyo cause i have been throwing less sence i started working

try to touch the yoyo with youre fingger while spining, if the vibe gone it’s your throw.
if not. . .
Have you ding the yoyo?
if you have, it might be hard enough to cause the metal to bent, those will cause vibe. Moreover, i heard that the extreme shape on c13 can make it worse.

or maybe youre axel isn’t centered, although i think this case is rarely happen.

there is no dings and the axle is stright and ive thrown where there is no vide then it starts to have vibe after alil spin time? any resons on why and ive tried touching it and that doesnt stop the vibe