Very specific string question

(Carson Reid) #1

I want to make something that is soft, does not stick to skin, nylon 1.5 kstring thickness, and as heavy as possible. Also need it to hold tension pretty well, and slacking decently I’m assuming will come with the weight. Any suggestions on what count and thread materials to use?

({John15}) #2


Trilobal Poly (coats and clark)

And one of the following nylons:

Bulky nylon (gutermann)


Wooly nylon (YLI)

7-8 full wraps, so however many wraps you decide, make sure to split the materials 50/50.

Reduce 12%

(Carson Reid) #3

wow, very concise and specific response! thanks a bunch!

({John15}) #4

each nylon that I listed will give the string a very unique feel from one another. They are not all the same, and I think the Wooly nylon is the bounciest of the three. Followed by bulky, then MaxiLock being the least bouncy.

They [the nylons] also vary slightly in thickness, which is why depending on which one you use, you will want to adjust your final recipe to match the thickness that you prefer. Usually anywhere from 7 to 8 wraps is just about where I like mine. Don’t underestimate the difference that a half wrap can make either.

(InvaderDust) #5

This was a breakthrough moment for me back when it I found out I could do this back when. Good tips man. you know whats up.

(Carson Reid) #6

quick clarification, whats a “wrap”? im not quite making strings yet, just getting started.

(YoYoStringLab) #7

It’s the music you listen to while spinning. You need at least 7, maybe 8 tracks to get through an evening of making string.

({John15}) #8

A full wrap is from the starting anchor, to the second anchor, and back. 1 full wrap should give you 2 strands of threads.

A half wrap is from your starting anchor, to your second anchor once. It will give you 1 strand of thread.

(Carson Reid) #9

perfect, thanks again!


Did you experience more wraps makes a difference versus more spools? Like thread direction changes maybe?
Example 4 spools, 1 & 1/2 wraps vs 6 one wrap 12 threads total either way.

(Mk1 Yoyos) #11

More spools is a quicker way to get the same thread count, if the spools are identical. When I make strings I usually use 3 or 4 spools at once on a holder, and I go back and forth twice to get either 6 or 8 wraps. It speeds things up a lot.


Yes more spools is a bit faster and helps not forget where you are and loosing count.

I just found the pre twisting and how much it effects the final results. the difference shocked me.

(Carson Reid) #13

does the trilobal part matter? i just looked it up and apparently trilobal basically just means that the thread is shinier because the string has 3 “lobes” on it instead of just being circular. so, bottom line, does that minor geometry difference simulate a different play feel? or will any embroidery polyester work just fine?

source of info:

({John15}) #14

It is a different shape, and it feels more plasticky than typical embroidery poly. It also has a similar life span to nylon, which is considerably longer than typical embroidery poly.

It is a very different product

(Carson Reid) #15

and generally considered better for string than normal embroidery poly?

({John15}) #16

Not better, Just noticeably different. It is what I use in my blend and I believe that everything you were asking for in your original post, this particular recipe will deliver.

(Carson Reid) #17

kk, thanks again for your time!


Awww, come on…

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Sorry, too big of an opening to let that one go by.