Very slow (8+ second) web page load times in the store?

One thing that has bugged me for a while about the store is that it freqently takes a loooong time for the individual yoyo store pages to load in my browser. I apologize, but this has nagged at me long enough that I feel compelled to open a new topic about it.

I used the f12 menu in the browser (Google Chrome, latest version, Windows), then the network tab, to capture a new load of the Good Life Breeze page in an incognito tab:


As you can see there on the first line, it took more than 7 seconds for the initial page response, which is … common … in my experience. I repeated this again for another yo-yo page, the 44 RPM Rhythm, and got… 8.5 seconds response time :frowning:


This is also confirmed via WebPageTest where the time to first byte is scored F


First Byte Time (back-end processing): 25/100

1260 ms First Byte Time
516 ms Target First Byte Time

So it isn’t a question of too many scripts or images on the page (though I’m sure that could be improved as well), but the initial HTTP response that is unusually slow.

It bums me out to say this but when I am just looking up quick specs or info on a yo-yo I kinda avoid going to yoyoexpert in my search results because the page load times are so slow most of the time. :sob:

I see the word “shopify” appears a bunch of times in the view source for the page, so perhaps this is a shopify issue that could be raised with them? I think I heard from @AndreBoulay that a store redesign is in progress, so perhaps this will be naturally resolved in the future anyway?


Yeah… I have noticed the same and this should be very much resolved with new site coming soon.

I’ll look into this for now too. Appreciate the feedback!


That slowness may have been a blessing in disguise. Without it, the furious speed with which I’ve been buying stuff lately would be magnified, and even more detrimental to my bank account than it already has been. :flushed:

Yes but this is not an upside for YYE :wink:

Plus we all need more yo-yos because more yo-yos equals more happiness :smiley:

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Finally got this resolved - there was some weird code doing something weird… lol. The frustrating part is nothing actually changed in the code - seems to be server side problems - but always good to clean up the code anyways! (And yes… new site I’m very excited about and working hard on in the mean time!)

But anyways - product pages should be loading 100% faster… LOL. Let me know if you see anymore problems on the product pages! :blush:

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I tried a few random yoyos and didn’t experience 7+ second wait so… :bowing_man:

sales should be going :up:

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lol. Thank you. Pretty embarrassing honestly! :zipper_mouth_face:

Happened slowly over time too - so over here I think we had the boiling frog effect - lol. Sheesh.

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