USPS Haven't Delivered. Scared.

I ordered a Benchmark W yoyo and a Code 1 yoyo on the 19th. The expected delivery was yesterday. It’s been in Springfield, MA since the 21st and hasn’t moved or changed at all. The USPS vehicle just stopped by the mailbox to drop off papers but no package. I am a bit scared and anxious of what could have become.

I’m thinking it could be a tracking problem in their end and my package could be out there still on track to my destination. Has this ever happened to anyone and how did it turn out and did the package eventually arrive at your destination safely?

I was going to open my package and be happy then watch Gladiator or Saving Private Ryan, now I ain’t going to watch anything because I am so sad. :’(

this is one of my least favorite feelings, but im sure your stuff will show up tomorrow.

look for a ‘sorting facility’ and ‘out for delivery’ update. and i think there is some snow around that part of the US right now, so that could be a factor.

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Thanks mate, you may be right. I just googled Springfield, Massachusetts; It is having a winter storm where business and schools are closed down right now. I am feeling a bit better with you saying it’s going to be alright! It sure is! I am going to go watch Saving Private Ryan right now.

I have a mail carrier who drops off the letters first, then he comes back around with the truck a few hours later to drop off the boxes, or bigger packages. So, maybe you’ll get something in the next hour or so. Also, if you’re in Minnesota, I think it might need extra time to reach you, another day or so. That Priority schedule is not guaranteed. I found out the hard way.

Honestly, USPS has been pretty bad with my packages lately. Not always the case, but the third package in two weeks to get pretty delayed. The one thing I always know is that they are required to scan in every time it enters and exits a facility, which helps a lot with worrying about my package! If it says it was accepted in Springfield and hasn’t moved, then you can rest assured that it is in Springfield. I’ve also noticed that the Springfield facility is one of the better ones, as they tend to get my packages in and out pretty quickly compared to other places so I’m sure your stuff is fine! It’s a huge pain in the butt to wait, but not much you can do.

I’ve had stuff go from New York, to Los Angeles, back to New York again, and then Bakersfield to Chicago, then finally arriving to me in Socal over about two weeks time.

This is probably one out of 100 however.

Same with me. Had 2 late packages in about a month. One was 7 days late.

WOOHOO! I just paused the movie after they cleared the beach and opened up dog 1.

I refreshed the tracking link again and…

January 23, 2015 , 3:02 pm Arrived at USPS Facility SAINT PAUL, MN 55121

It’s coming tomorrow! Thanks a bunch for the replies and assurance guys!

Lol, two late packages in a month… My last package took over two months to get to me :slight_smile:

Just a tip for the future…

Packages from YYE always take three days to get to minnesota
(If you use the cheapest shipping option)

Also you should wait a few more days before posting somethin

Your funny.
My friends package is going to Elk Grove.

I don’t know why but online tracking has been horribly inaccurate the last several months. I have had issues with things not updating, being stuck, and arriving days later or even earlier than expected. Of course there is nothing wrong with early. I just ignore the tracking now and try to be patient.

I’ve always found USPS tracking to be rather useless. About all I ever see from it is the day it left the origin. After that it’s really a crap shoot as to what info you get.