User Lorenzo1997


I have found the tracking and I’m in the process of recall


If it’s delivered it won’t work. Or out for delivery now, I’m not sure.




Awesome, glad this had a happy ending. I had no idea you could recall packages! Learn something new every day…


We were talking about trading a few items last week before he went silent. When I requested pictures of the YoYos he was trying to trade, his response was that he didn’t have any way to take photos… To me that was a red flag.

This day in age, nearly everything has a camera of some kind, even a dang refrigerators! Hahaha!

I’m glad you guys managed to get your packages intercepted!


We sent quite a few messages back and forth about him selling me a couple throws as well, he said he couldn’t send photos and got kind of hostile when I questioned why. This is where I got kind of skeptical, I threw him an extreme lowball and he said yes, I just didn’t reply after that.

(Evan Landreneau) #27

I don’t understand why people are so mean and cruel these days. If a yoyo can’t make them happy, then nothing can.

(Lorenzo Washington) #28

i was in the hospital i had no time to ship and i know you all are not going to believe me but i can show you the pictures of my foot and how torn up it is.

(Lorenzo Washington) #29

so sorry to all of you that i let down i was in a car wreck and my foot went through the car… so I’m sorry that i didn’t have time to ship but I’m now on crutches and can barely walk…


Thank you for letting us know.


I’m sure it’s unrelated, but the one time I was scammed there was a similar story about being in an accident and hospitalized.




I think you should provide some kind of proof. Can you take a quick smartphone pic with your username written on it, next to your cast?


I love mangled feet pics!

(Tyler) #35

But if he can’t send people pictures of the yoyos, how will he send a picture of his foot? The whole thing seems a little off.


Sorry, but since when does being in hospital for an injured foot prevent you from messaging? It is not like you were in a coma; right? You knew you had outstanding trades or sales; so just asking logical questions about why you did not communicate …

(Evan Landreneau) #37

He personal messaged me about what I said a few days ago on this thread. It seems like he got mad at me…

Later he said:

Yeah, this does sound fishy…


If this guy can’t produce a single picture with the word “lorenzo1997” written on a piece of paper in it, he is 100% a scammer.

(Lorenzo Washington) #39

Caring for my own life comes before messaging you people

(Lorenzo Washington) #40

so all you want me to do is write my name on a piece of paper…