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Are any Bi-Metal yo-yo’s currently made in USA?


No. Most US machine shops that make yoyos are either unable to do it or don’t want to do it.


Thanks. That is what I thought; but I was not sure.

By “don’t want to do it”, do you mean at a competitive price? Or, just will not trifle with yo-yo’s?

A little bit of both, if you go back to around 2004-2007 there were multiple stateside machine shops making yoyos. As many things have gone offshore, the number of options decreased significantly in North America. Much of it comes down to the value for the shop; as an example if they can make 600 per hour on a project that takes less setup than a yoyo it’s no motivation for them to drop their fees for one off projects.

There are many places capable of making the adjustments needed but the price it would cost and the abundance of business, make yoyos unappealing. Many consumers are hesitant to pay nearly double the price of for the same item because it comes from a specific region of the world. As it stands 80% of metal yoyos are machined at the shop and anodized at another shop they have a working relationship with. There is a infrastructure there and it minimizes costs due to their volume.

On the flip side, most of the established yoyo anodizers are located in different places which means you would need to machine at shop 1, ship to shop 2, ship to the company owner. All of these spots are potentially in different states adding to the costs involved. The precision available globally is generally consistent so without a clear advantage its a tough case to make.

This isn’t a good thing or bad thing just some things I have observed from my point of view. I am not an expert either so take it with a grain of salt!


The Lone Star Throws “Freya”.
2020 is “current”, right?

Made in Texas, anodized at Gruntbull.

It looks like it was a one-yoyo company, though.

I am certain there are more examples out there.


The kyo death robot was machined by one drop and assembled by Kyle in the US.


Pretty sure all yoyojams were so the night moves, hex, next level, and phenom all come to mind

They’re were plenty more that I can’t remember