URGENT!!!!! PSA!!!!

(Waylon) #1

Could some of you maybe do us a favor and lay off the yoyo emergency posts?

There is no such thing as a yoyo emergency. Even if you need stitches as a result of a yoyo accident, you still don’t have a yoyo emergency - you have a medical emergency.

I recently saw a post titled something like HELP!!! NOW!!! And it was somebody looking for a case. Seriously? If it was that important you could have one overnighted from YYE . Or you could go to your local Harbor Freight and buy a tool case with a customizable lining.

Stuck bearings, stripped axles, loose weight rings, shoddy pads, vibe, wobble, dings, bad trades, shipping issues, knots, string tension, help with tricks, video reviews, BSTs, etc. and so on and so forth all fail to fall under the category of an emergency.

If you have any of the aforementioned issues, calm down, put your big boy pants on, and type up a post like a sane person. Capital letters and exclamation points won’t get you faster responses, but they will make you look desperate, spoiled, and childish.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming. Thank you.


Thank you.

It seems like so (read: too) many people nowadays need someone to hold their hand through every decision and problem they have.

(Owen) #3

Yeah… Life is full of decisions; so you should start to learn them now rather than later.

(SR) #4


I was SERIOUSLY just going to make a similar post to this.

I don’t like titles like “Ugh.” or “Help”

Maybe describe your problem in your title. Like a normal person. Instead of forcing us to sift through all kinds of posts that all look the same. THANK YOU.



On the upside, these are usually easy to answer requests that make us look good when we answer them within the 90 second limit!! :wink:


The only scenario I can think of that would count as a yoyo emergency would be something like this:

Help! I’m being held hostage by ninjas in an abandoned warehouse somewhere and will be decapitated unless I can perform a ninja vanish. Any tips?!


(Waylon) #7

That would be a lie. Non-yoyoers only ever ask for Walk The Dog. The more expensive the yoyo, the more they insist.


I feel like the grammar and spelling rules should be taken more seriously, particularly for some of our younger members.

Or, you know, making posts that make sense. Some members post some pretty poor posts.


ah, We cun usualy git Da jist a wat’s bean said Evun wit da Mustakes.

(Waylon) #10

I can’t disagree with that. My son is ten. When he texts me, he must use real words. No text shorthand. His phone has a slide out qwerty keyboard and I insist he use it. If he were on here (he will be, soon), I’d be the first to bust his chops for lazy typing. Drives me nuts.


This is a much needed post, thank you Waylon. Even if my Chrome says you’re name isn’t a real one, still a worthy post.


I tell my friends I can’t understand them if they use any kind of shorthand.

Someone recently complemented my diction when it comes to texting. I absolutely love the English language, and hate the bastardization of it that seems to be going on. This is why I correct people’s grammar and spelling, and why I genuinely appreciate it when they do the same to me.

It’s not disrespectful, it’s helpful and informative.

Also, excessive punctuation should be punishable by law.

Now to go thank almost all of the posts in this thread.

(Waylon) #13

Chrome is silly. It’s an old English name. I was named after Waylon Jennings, the country singer (I was raised by a wild pack of hillbillies). Funny how I grew up to be a musician, too.

I harp on grammar with my kids. I’ve heard stories of people who couldn’t even fill out a job application properly. One included the tale of a girl who used “lol” on hers. She didn’t get the job.


I know Waylon is a real name, I was only harping on Chrome. I know how to fill out said job applications. That’s extremely sad if a teenager can’t do such a task. It’s rather easy, in all honesty. But then again, I understand how to write and speak, for as my father says, “You write as you speak.” Very true words, and great advice. I understand there’s a time for fun; that is not a said time, when filling out Job Applications.