Upgrade the Journey?

I’m looking to upgrade my YYJ Journey, but I don’t want to waste money on a new bearing if it’s not really going to help performance.

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Oh I gave everyone two entries since I know how people feel about cheese.

Also, if you do suggest another brand of bearing, I would love to know which one.

Plastic yoyo do vibe a little bit due to the “injection molding” manufaction process.

the weight distribution, the vibe, and the overall performance does not justify a better bearing. unless your journey bearing underperformes because of some reason, which we can not tell here. usually the standard is fine enough though.

get something without vibe, Metal or machined plastic, with more rimweight. these are the yoyos where expensive bearing begin to shine.

for example, i bought a v-cave noname bearing which brings about 2 minutes more for my yyf Horizon but does nothing better when i put it into my speedaholic.

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Get a new throw for sure. There are plenty of great ones coming.

Just play it as is. Journeys play just fine as they are. Maybe clean the bearing is about all.

Least helpful person on the planet, I know.

It’s what all of us where thinking.