Updated*Selling a few yoyos for cheap!!(lots of yyf, one drop, x3, c3)

Hello everyone! So I’m trying to sell some of my collection bc let’s face it, I have too many and I don’t even really compete or anything anymore so my hope is that these will find loving homes with people who will play them as much as they deserve! Pretty much all of them are in close to perfect condition and I will take more pics of anything upon request. Also don’t make fun of me, I just really like onestars lol. Just ask for the price or make an offer on anything, just no trade offers please. Thank you, have a lovely day!!

List of the metals and ideal price:
Yyf shutter no engraving, perfect condition $35
Yyf horizon, perfect $55
Yyf superstar, a couple tiny dings $50
X3 aware, perfect $65
One drop code1, decently dinged up but plays wonderfully $45
Yyf nightmare, perfect $60
Yyf genesis, perfect and dead smooth $50
Yyf 888x, dings but a classic $40
One drop benchmark v, perfect (sold)
Rockstar, couple tiny dings in pics (sold)
Joe Wilson signed dv888 with a couple dings $10
Duncan echo, almost perfect (sold)

A couple pics of the rockstar

What one is the cheapest

Alright so I will also be adding to the list a c3 dark sonic in near mint condition and a one drop cascade in the orange Paul dang colorway with black spike side effects In mint condition :slight_smile:

Going to add 2 or 3 more soon including one of those tiny black yyf g5s!!!

Extra pics of code 1 :slight_smile: