Fs: *super cheap!* yyf, one drop, c3, etc


Hello everyone! So I already had a post for this but yye closed the topic so I had to make a new one. So basically I’m selling a fair bit of my collection just bc I have way too many and I need them to go as quickly as possible so I’m selling them for super cheap, like under half the original price for all of them and am willing to negotiate as well :blush: also upon request, I can take pics of anything. Pretty much all of them are in perfect or near perfect condition as well! Anyways, have a wonderful day and thank you for looking!!!


All right I can help… here’s me copying n pasting from your old topic

Yyf shutter no engraving, perfect condition $35
Yyf horizon, perfect $55
Yyf superstar, a couple tiny dings $50
X3 aware, perfect $65
One drop code1, decently dinged up but plays wonderfully $45
Yyf nightmare, perfect $60
Yyf genesis, perfect and dead smooth $50
Yyf 888x, dings but a classic $40
One drop benchmark v, perfect (sold)
Rockstar, couple tiny dings in pics (sold)
Joe Wilson signed dv888 with a couple dings $10
Duncan echo, almost perfect (sold)


Thank you so much!!! That helps a bunch!! And to anyone interested in anything, I’m now willing to take about $10 off each price :blush:


I pmed you


I will also sell the case if anyone wants it for like $10 plus shipping :smile: it’s a pretty big zeekio case

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Hey, my friend has been wanting the nightmare for more than a year, I was wanting to know how much you might let me buy it for


Hello! I think I would be willing to let you have it for $55 or so :blush: it’s in perfect condition and is dead smooth :ok_hand:


The dv888 is signed by joe Wilson :ok_hand:

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Do you still have the yyf popstar and nightmare? I would love to get those 2


Yes I do!! I would like to get 75 for the pair :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! Figured I should update what has been sold so here’s the list:
Code 1
Thank you and have a wonderful day!!


You can press the edit button on the first post if you wish to edit your first post and update it etc.


Hey whats that Pink and white Throw with the Flower? And whats the Price?


Hey! That’s just a yyf onestar, they’re cheap, I would want 10 and then I would also have to ask that you pay shipping to make it worth it for me. Thank you


Still have the zeekio case for sale?


Yes I do still have it :blush:

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