For Sale Only!YYR, VsNYYC, Positron, C3, Phenom, OneDrop, more!

Hey guys!
I’ve been out of the yoyoing community for a long time now and I’ve finally decided it’s time to trim the collection. I’m willing to let these go for super cheap. I don’t really know what these are worth anymore so offer anything! If you buy more than 1, especially from “The rest,” you’ll get a great price! No trades please.

So I have for sale:

YYR Messiah. Great condition, dead smooth, couple scratches around the edge that you can’t feel. 95?

C3 Trident. Dead smooth, 1 scratch. Offer.

Turning Point Positron. Mint. Offer.

Galaxy Blasted, Jason Wong Anno’d VsNYYC Flying Hut. Pure awesome. Mint. Offer. PLEASE NOTE: The current high offer on this is $150, but I’m still reluctant to sell it. As of now this will probably be the one throw I take to college, so it would take a crazy offer to get this off me.

YYJ Phenom. Mint No caps. 85?

Code 1’s. One Thunderstorm (Mint) SOLD, One Purple/Grey(A few pinpricks) with custom Bible engravings that were there when I got it. 70 each?

Hspin Noel Kunz Cut.SOLD Mint. 60?

No. 9. A few pinpricks. Amazing for the price. 40?

Supra.SOLD Mint. Star Grade for ano defects, but one of the smoothest yoyos I own. 40?

The rest. YYJ Unleashed’s, YYJ Aqua, YYJ BigYo, Mighty FleaSOLD, DV888, Glasseye FHZSOLD. Offer on anything.