UPDATED FT: Wooden, handmade yoyo case (holds 4), looking for plastics!

I made a few wooden yo-yo cases a few weeks ago, and I have an extra one that I probably won’t be able to fill up. I made the case out of a cool-looking wine case that I had. It’s small and only holds 4 yo-yos, but I think it looks nice and is padded. It’s a nice place to keep your yo-yos and can fit into a backpack easily. The holes are + shaped incisions in the padding that holds butterfly-shaped yo-yos nicely. Offer

Deal sweeteners:
2x YoMega Fireballs – I used these when I first started to learn looping and have upgraded. Good condition.
YoMega Xodus II – Starburst response kind of worn through use so it can be unresponsive sometimes
Duncan Butterfly :slight_smile:

Non- Yo-Yo related stuff: Used 360 games Offer
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Call of Duty: Black Ops
Final Fantasy XIII (near mint)

Wants: Smooth yo-yos that play well please!
-Lyn Fury
-Sunset Trajectory
-Whip (plus something else)

Feel free to offer anything else. Worst that happens is I just say “no, thanks” :smiley: