Updated! FS: YYR, titaniums, and more from the top shelf


[list][list]Alright folks, I’ve got bills to pay and I need to clear out some of the throws I don’t really play any more. All throws are in near mint condition unless otherwise stated. I’ve got the original box for pretty much all of these as well. Prices aren’t set in stone so if you see something you like, feel free to PM me with a reasonable offer. I can definitely give you a discount for a package deal. I’ve got a bunch of cheap plastics lying around as well as deal sweeteners.

Some ground rules:

  1. At this point in time, I’m only looking to sell so please don’t make any trade offers.
  2. Unless I know you personally, I will only accept payment via paypal with the buyer to cover fees. In other words, the prices listed below represent the amount of money I expect to receive in my account.
  3. I will only ship with tracking or signature on delivery.

Without further ado, I bring to you, the throws:

First row:

  • C3 Glitter ($70) - 44:Clash x Kikstyo edition in black with red splash.
  • C3 Berserker RX ($110) - black with orange splash, never been unscrewed.
  • CLYW Gnarwhal ($90) - orange with black speckle, fun amd solid little throw.
  • General Yo M10s ($90) - blue one only thrown a few times, red one a little bit older but still in near mint condition. Bead blasted finish feels super soft in hand and grinds for days.

Second row:

  • Oxygene Ti 2011 ($300) - this thing is lightning quick on the string!
  • sOMEThING Superfly ($90) - one of the very first models released by sOMEThING alongside the Angle. Curvy H shape is super comfy in the hand and stable as a rock. Comes with the stock yoyoaddict ceramic concave bearing. Never been opened up.
  • SPYY Spyder 2 ($70) - gorgeous black with white splash, silky smooth finish. Bearing upgraded to a OD ten-ball.
  • SPYY Dynamo ($70) - champagne with blue splash. The engravings are insanely intricate, featuring foes on one side and hares on the other. Stability monster. Bearing upgraded to a Centre Trac but I can pop a flat bearing in if you’d prefer.
  • Turning Point Prominence ($110) - bead blasted silver finish will grind for eons. Signature model of Takuma Inoue, current Japanese 5A champion.

Row 3:

  • YYF Proton ($60) - green with black splash. Handles like a slightly quicker version of the legendary Turning Point Positron. Barely been played.
  • [s]YYF Ricochets ($130) - probably the cheapest titanium you will ever see. Great numbers as well: purple is 007, silver is 101. Only looking to sell one of them.
  • YYF Avant Garde ($60) - half black, half orange. Great floaty throw. Has only seen about an hour of play over carpet.
  • Yoyo Joker Uroboros ($90) - nickel plated finish has picked up a nice patina. Caps are a little scratched but the body is still near mint. Light, stable and nimble. Comes with the stock Dif-E-Yo Konkave.

Row 4:

  • YYR Stargazer ($120) - one of YYR’s best in glorious gold. Plays like an undersized Sleipnir. Never been opened.
  • YYR Clash 2012 ($120) - oversized beauty in red but don’t let the size fool you, this thing is surprisingly quick on the string. The first YYR I ever bought and the throw that started my love affair with YYR. Stock pads have been replaced with a pair of irPads.
  • [s]YYR Attune ($130) - hands down the most gorgeous splash ever in my opinion. Signature model of 2013 Japanese 1A champion, Akitoshi Tokubuchi. Never been opened.
  • YYR Gleipnir ($120) - the sister of the legendary Sleipnir. Slightly bigger and heavier, this thing is absolutely rock solid but still pretty lively. Never been opened.
  • [s]YYR Dreadnought G ($80) - an A- grade from YYR’s mystery box last year. A few cosmetic flaws (some small missing ano spots and you can see a faint outline of the old Dreadnought logo under the ano) but structurally perfect. Spins for days and is about as solid as a mountain. Never been opened.

Row 5:

[list]- [s]YYR Draupnir ($175) - the throw you all came here for. YYR really hit this one out of not just the park, but probably the planet. Arguably the best competition throw going around right now. No blemishes as far as I can tell. Never been opened.
[list]- [s]Crucial Cupcake ($60) - who doesn’t love cupcakes? Especially when they come with pink and blue swirls? Stock response has been replaced with irPads. Currently running a flat bearing but I can pop the grooved bearing back in if you’d prefer.

  • YoTrick Civility ($50) - jumped on board the kickstarter for this. When it was finally released, the specs had changed a bit too much and it’s a bit too heavy for my liking. Very very stable. Only played for about an hour or two over carpet.

Shoot me a PM if you’d like more detailed photos of anything or if you’ve got any questions.

Happy throwing!



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