UPDATE!!! SOLD!!! Color Shifting FHZ for sale!


Color shifting FHZ shifts from Green, to Blue, to Purple. This throw is single side recessed, bearing is clean/dry, The string has been replaced w/ a 100% poly string, and is hand painted. All mods were done by me. This is a BRAND NEW YoYo and has never been thrown. It has also been placed back into its original packaging and resealed. This YoYo comes w/ everything you would normally get w/ a FHZ. $30 shipped. $25 SHIPPED SOLD!!!

(Justin the JeeJaw) #2

I know this may sound little off topic but how do you reseal the pakage?


Red rtv in the recess? Or is it a pad?

(Q) #4

Pretty sure it’s a single pad recess with a pad in it.

Nice work Mike, that is one of the hottest FHZs I’ve seen for a while. Considering trades?


Super Glue :smiley:

Red RTV. I make my recess a tad wider so the binds are tight but still unresponsive, and I only have to do the one side.

I’m looking mostly for cash but I’ll have to think about a trade. What were you thinking about offering?

(Q) #6

Ah, I was wrong.
And I don’t know, intersted in YYJs?
PM me and we will talk

(Mitch) #7

Blargh!!! I want this!! If you still happen to have it in the next three weeks or so its mine!!!

lol… That is a hot FHZ tho bro…


Thanks man! I have another one I have to paint so if this one goes, I’ll have another one out soon.


Good Job!!!

One of the Nicest FHZ i have seen!

btw how do you reseal the package?


I see :slight_smile:


20 shipped???


What is PM


A Personal Message.



(123brandonman) #17

Do you take PayPal? Nice throw bro. :wink:




If this isn’t gone, I may be interested.




Thanks to all that were interested but this puppy is GONE! ;D

(system) #23