Quitting Yoyoing Sale Everything for 80$ today ONLY!!


I quit yoyoing a while back. I thought that it was finnally time to sell my yoyos. IM NOT TRADING!
I have a
MiniStar-Pink and BGrade:Mint
Lunatic-Color Splash:Few dings plays great
Viper-Beater but hella smooth
Yomega Dash- Yellow
shinwoo loop(x1)-Red
FHZ red
Red Protostar
Few Accessories
Yoyoguy Star hole case
all of this for 80+ shippin . I may make separate deals as in like 2 items for a certain price.


Any more info on the minus mike fhz? Are both sides recessed?


The minus mike FHZ is a Single side recessed. w/ Smoove rings.


Check this before you decide to buy.


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Has he returned the yoyo’s he scammed? If not th is thread should be locked and he should be banned.


cream9000 no he hasnt i sent him 100 dollars for all his stuff and never got anything

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