Ministar, GG, Heavy Cream, Fundametals, takashi FHZs LF:genesis, offer!!!


Heavy Cream- $90purple splash… as mint as can be…

Ministar- $80 $75 purple/black what can i say… this yoyo is amazing… it plays so good as anyone would never expect… its got a 1 scrape that is pre anno i will show in pictures… you can barly see it… would love to trade a Superstar or a LB Genesis for this O0

Painted FHZ- $35- takashi recessed…Camo splashed… you can see how awesome it is in the pics… no vibe

Painted FHZ- $35- takashi recessed…pink and black splashed… looks amazing… no vibe

Painted Big Ben-$15 $10- few marks on the side… paint looks awesome… painted by me

Hectic FS- $39 $35- amazing and mint…small bearing… half red half black

Frantic- $45- MINT and awesome… great yoyo… blue

Galactic Goose- $80 $77only one small scuff that is pre anno you can barly see it… this thing looks amazing… the darker brown color

Hardcoat Dv888- $45- two decent sized dings but the rest r pinpricks… vibeless… also smooth… militairy green

Gnarwhal- $90 $85- green side mint. splashed side has few anno flaws. looks amazing with switched sides. plays awesome!!! no vibe

FG Peak- $75gold nugget peak thats mink but only has one small skuff that is barly opticle… great throw!!!

Crucial Cream- $55 COMPLETELY MINT…dont have pics for this yet

Rim Satined Dv888 FS- $50 $40!!- few pinpricks that dont break anno… vibeless… smooth… purple… PENDING

Boss- $65- one tiny tiny prinprick that doesnt break anno… plays amazing… red

M1- $35- beat but vibless… few scuffs and few hairline dings…Orange

Atmosphere- $30 $25mint and shiny… no vibe… no tilt… would love to trade a vibeless protostar for this… White

-Vibeless Protostar(not grey)
-large diameter yoyos( 54 mm and above)
-New Releases


Umm I have no idea where the pics are.

Oh, yeah. Sorry, must have missed that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a cream. Would you trade your boss for it.

pm’d ;D

pics are on the top of the page ;D

come on guys!!!

Hectic for 38?
Does it include shipping?

Half green, half yellow splash Gnarwhal? So that’s where it went. I have it’s other halves. :slight_smile:

I’ll give you a BA Hatrick for it. :wink:

hmm… ba hattricks r too small for my liking… would u have anything else to trade?

Trade for a Freehand? :o Cause I NEED that Peak! >:(

slight nudge

Ah… I’ll take that as a no… :frowning: “BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD!” >:(



I’ve got a YYF 44, it’s in great condition, would you trade that for anything?

Would you trade anything for this?

the m1 is still up for sale. have you shipped yet? i shipped this morning

Please I’m begging. Don’t have a good throw. Will you trade that Pink Splash FHZ and Atmosphere for a Metal Zero, FHZ, and Freehand plus 5 bucks. Please! All mint but pads wore out on Freehand. Please from 1 yoyoer to the other.