LF milk2%,heavy cream, crucial milk and others

kay guys i finally got my hands on some real cash so now i can give some actuall non ridiculous prices so here we go i can ship anyone were in the us and canada prices include shipping.All yoyos must be mint or close to mint.you can offer yoyos not in my wants as well if they are around 50-90 bucks so feel free to offer here are my wants

milk 2%-50 bucks mabey 55 if in completley mint
crucial cream-67 bucks if mint 65 if near mint
heavy cream-cant afford mint so 75 bucks if beat or acouple marks or something
frantic,hectic( either or)-50 bucks
LUNATICS (i love them)60 bucks
any yoyo accesories (string,cw’s,stacks,extra bearings would work)-obvously depends
star shaped cut cases (hard not soft)-depends
im also looking for custom painted FHZ’s or any custom painted yoyo-depends on what has been done we can talk about the prices

ill sell u a custom painted fhz i can sili recess and beefcake or just recess 37 for beefcake recessed and painted and recessed and painted for 32

ive got a near mint red hectic

Necro ^
I think second by you today?