------{{Jkoestline's B/S/T}}-------- New PICTURES!!!

Hello and welcome to my updated B/S/T!!




yoyo with vibe
Majorly dinged up yoyos (scuffed ano is fine)
yoyo jam
low balls
little deal sweeteners

                   [b]NOW TO MY CASE[/b]

CLYW - Chief (Black and white) Gonna take alot to get this! just warning you now

CLYW Bear vs. Man (Ogopogo edition) awesome colors, awesome yoyo! SOLD

G-Squared Albatross (Cool Water Edition) MINT Your probably not gonna get this, Just too perfect of a yoyo

MonkeyFinger - Evil yo (A grade) few scuffs here and there but the annodizing covers it up

ILYY Falcon special edition– solid green, one tiny scuff, the grinds are amazing

One Drop 54 (Red/Black) Mint! Awesome reverse colored spikes on it

One Drop - Code 1 (Orange zest) Close mint amazing throw, damage is pictured.

STYY Remnant 2 - Awesome stable throw!!!

3YO3 - Bassline (powdercoated) - rumor has it this used to belong to brett grimes from G2 and highspeedyoyo!!!

IKYO - Agape (Powdercoated) MINT Great throw, with a classy finish

YYF 2.0 MINT Purple acidwash, great throw!, the actual yoyo look is a mix between alot of there throws, pretty smooth

Yoyo factory - Protostar Mint Finally got my hands on one!! great plastic throw

Yoyofactory- Popstar pretty scuffed up but still smooth


Aoda Flying Shuttle- First Unresponsive yoyo I bought, Great yoyo, no box, pretty scrapped up $20 or deal sweetener

DV888 satined rims- Pretty close to mint if you dont count the satined rims, haha got it in a trade, No Box Monkey Snoted!!! Offer

Magic-yo T6 MINT Awesome Jap or chinese throw, no box up there with aoda and auldey!! Mint $30 obo $25 OBO

Duncan- Freehand (Recessed Silicone) - awesome throw, just wish it wasn’t a small bearing…

Yomega Lancer Cracked caps on each side, still plays well for a responsive yoyo

Previous Trades:

YYF supernova/ for Crucial Confection
JPM #5 out of 10 Modded FHZ/ for DV888 and Planet 9
CLYW BvM/ for One Drop CODE 1
Gen Yo Torrent/ for Evil yo Mizaru and Evil yo Billy Jean
One Drop M1/ for Rec Rev Carbon
Crucial Confection and deal sweeteners/ for Vs. Newton Battosai (Reptar edition)
Evil yo Mizaru and Billy Jean also a Rebel-yo planet 9 / for a OD Project 2, crucial cream, and OD dingo
OD Code 1 / For a Rec Rev Bad Rep light and YYF yuuksta thunder editon
Rev Rev Carbon and PSG/ for money and YYF 2.0
Envy64 and Agape/ for a BBYY J.O. and a Foxtail
Battosai and “Go Big”/ For STYY Remnant 2
OD P2 / For OD Dietz
YYF 888 (custom Paint) / for Cafe Racer and throwdown Luchador
Macrocosm/ for OD 54 (Obsidian)
BBYY J.O./ For 3yo3 Capella
2x Yukksta’s / Anti-Yo YWET
Crucial Cream SOLD
Rec Rev Bad Rep +Electric Dasiy/ for YoYoSkeel - Stalker
Dietz / Gen yo
Battosai +ceephax/ for Orange zest Code 1 + CULater
54 / Gen yo -torrent II
capella + Cyclone chill / Custom Agape + Protostar
Stalker + Dingo + Foxtail / CLYW BvM + OD Project 2
Torrent 2 / One Drop 54
Gen-yo enthos / one drop dietz
Project, Littles, Lunhador/ Falcon,Electric Daisy, Bassline
Wolly Markmont / Evil-yo, pop star
IKYO Agape / custom raw yoyo (looks like supernova)
Dietz / SOLD

-------In The Mail--------- IN THE MAIL!!

What’s the pink with gold splash one?

How much you want for the dingo and the littles together



That chief is FoolsGold, make sure you state that in your B/S/T