*SOLD*Hand Painted Retro 80's FHZ For Sale

This FHZ is hand splash painted w/ Metallic Blue Sapphire, Metallic Aquamarine, and Metallic Amethyst w/ a Metallic Black background. This throw is single side recessed, bearing is clean/dry, The string has been replaced w/ a 100% poly string, and is hand painted. All mods were done by me. This is a BRAND NEW YoYo and has never been thrown. It has also been placed back into its original packaging. This YoYo comes w/ everything you would normally get w/ a FHZ. $30 Shipped $25 SHIPPED

if i had the extra money i would definately get one of these cause they look amazing

Dude, I will get one of these, no matter what.

When your ready just let me know.

Is this the only one?

Nope, I have 5 others that need to be painted, so if there is another color combo you would like, just let me know.

how much would it be for a double silicone recess one?

Same price, but trust me, the size I make my recess, you don’t need it double recessed. The binds are super tight and dead unresponsive, but I can still do it if you really want me to. PM me if you would like one.

Well, I just got two yoyos this month but I’m definitely getting one before school starts.

Buy this. You won’t be sorry. :slight_smile:

YES! What almostfamous said, LOL!!!

I take it your still loven’ your FHZ? ;D

Yeah, when I’m feeling the need for a small bearing throw I always pick it up.

woah nelly i hate seeing this still in your hands.Do you guys not relize this is single side recessed and clean dry bearing and with everything a reg fhz will come with.Cant wait till mine gets here and did you get the money order yet?

No money order yet but it should be here today I hope. I also PM’d you about this one. ;D

Possible Pending

Ahaha suckers i got this one for my self and another one.So happy