Upcoming YoYo's for 2009

Read More at: http://yoyoskills.com (DR.YO-YO)


Hiting stores next month

CLYW BvM (New Splash Colorways)

More Info here: http://www.cariboublog.com/?p=1780#more-1780

One Drop’s Dingo

More Info Check: http://onedropyoyos.com & http://www.yoyoskills.com/?p=2034

One Drop’s Sovereign

(Sparky picture from Justin)

updated specs: 10/2/09

More info on the Sovereign:

  1. Made of titanium
  2. 50mm diameter
  3. 64 grams
    More pictures below.

More Info Check: http://onedropyoyos.com]http://onedropyoyos.com & http://www.yoyoskills.com/?p=2022

Duncan YoYo’s Diversion

More Info here: http://www.yoyoskills.com/?p=2031

Duncan YoYo’s Momentum


More Info Check: http://www.yoyoskills.com/?p=2009

I want to give a shoutout to “Dr. Yo-Yo” from YoYoskills.com for these wonderful upcoming updates ;D ;D ;D


Um, okay? Sorry, just wanted to point that out. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Dingo looks interesting…

Stay tuned for pics of my first aluminum yo-yo in 2 years :slight_smile:


Wow, I can’t wait.

I’ve seen and heard the campfire when the time it is CAD.

**I’ve read it at YYN"

CAMPFIRE!!! I’ll efenently try to get my hands on one of these.

BvM colorways look amazing also!

Dingo seems too small…But it still sounds fun.

Sovereign looks awesome! Is this the replacement of the M1?

Diversion seems very cool as well.


I’m pretty sure CAD is a program for machining things.

i doubt it, its made of titanium, BUT they have said it will be affordable so im assuming that means it wont be in the $150+ range

He means he’s seen it and been excited since it was on CAD.

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I think the Dingo is, actually.

It’s great to see that so many yo-yo companies are striving to improve. The Diversion looks pretty sweet, I always liked the look of caps on a metal.

It was approved on the One-Drop forum that the Dingo isn’t a replacement for the M1.


Ah, didn’t see that. Thanks!

I really hope One Drop will come out with something full sized. All their yo-yo’s are either undersized or mini.

wow 12 posts in like 3 hrs wow… ;D

anyway back on topic…ive read somwhere that One Drop’s sovereign is made out of iron and titanium (not confirmed yet)

Will the soveregin get dinged if you walk the dog?

yes preaty much all yoyos will bt if you are asking because it is raw you will still be able to see the dings

SO awesome!

Any metal yoyo you walk the dog in is going to get damaged…lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Carpet floor is your friend.

Assuming the outside sections would be titanium, it probably wouldn’t ding, but it would scratch it. (Titanium=one of the hardest metals out there)

Titanium yoyos make sparks, so you’ll want to scratch them.