Upcoming Teen Yoyoers - Watch Them Battle!!-

Very impressed with their composure throughout.

Ok, who can explain what this is?

This is a japanese yoyo “contest” in which different teams of yoyoers compete to see who will win. They use responsive throws and try to do semi-advanced tricks with them.

Hope this helps :smiley:

Its also more of a reality tv show.

What did i just watch?..

I was kidding around with this title. I dont this is reality tv. It seems like some type of pokemon battle with yoyos show. Really not something I’d watch even considering I like yoyos.

Just thought it might bring a chuckle.


Thank you

So who wants to teach me that trick they were doing at 6:00?

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Hey, don’t hate, this was one of the things that got me into yoyos back when i was younger, even though it is extremely ridiculous at some points.

It’s funny because you picture is from the animated version of the show

What is this xD

Kind of silly but it reminds me of when I used to watch pokemon and yugioh all the time when I was younger :slight_smile: but this is with yoyos, not pokemon or monsters :smiley: