Up in the Trees (Filmed in a Tree!)


Yes, This Video was FILMED IN A TREE! Enjoy!


P.S. I know the Ryan G. used the same song, I’m not trying to copy him, as I was planning on using this song anyways.


nice tricks i just got my hot shot yesterday but have you done anything to yours


Yes, I have. I have satined it, and I am using the Silver/Thick Spacers.


ohh i put the thick spacers in mine and its unresponsive


you play lacrosse? so do i, hence the name laxmaster


Off topic, but yes, I used to play lacrosse. My best friend is insane. He plays for NESLL Black, but no hijack, back to the video please


i liked your video you had some nice tricks in there. How long have you been yoyoing?


nice, I like how it was literally filmed in a tree!

Matches the title perfectly. :smiley:


6 months


wow your good how much do you yoyo a day?


Well, thank you. I play about 1-2 hours a day.


Nice one, man.


pretty good
keep it up