Up and coming minecraft server

({RTD} alecto) #1

there a new server on the East Coast that is looking for some hard core minecrafters to play. This server is new so we are working the kinks out of it so if when you get on you experience lag and other issues that is only temporary and will be resolved as soon as we get the mc pro host server up. Some things you need to know before you get on.

  1. you have to pm me to get the ip we can’t have scores of people get on right away that would crash the server.
  2. Rdv70 is the server owner and he asks that you not ask for admin at all if you do ask you may be subject to a temp ban this server is for fun not for admin.
    3.there are only five people including my self who are on the server so as I said this server is small but growing.
  3. if you are going to cuss and make a nuisance of yourself you will not be allowed to play at all and we will ip ban you.
  4. if you need anymore info you can pm me and I can get you in touch with rdv70 and he will be able to answer all of your questions.
  5. when 1.8 comes out we will reset the server it is not clear yet if you will be able to keep the soft cash earned on the server or if everything will be wiped.
    remember you can ask me if you need more info I will try to answer within 24 hours

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thanks to Hammy98 the server is now up to six people

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welcome abby1371


Yeah no problem


Is this an SMP? Just curious

(A survival mutiplayer)

I unfortunately dont own minecraft, but i watch a ton of youtubers play minecraft.


yeah it’s a SMP



Again, just curious, but have any of you heard of the Cube SMP on Youtube?

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um what do you mean by cube smp

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welcome logi to the server


it must be a different server.



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I haven’t the slightest idea what you guys and girl are talking about


If this is your first time hosting a public Minecraft server, all I have to say is good luck. And unless your moderators are watching everyone at all times, I would also recommend you get a good rollback plugin (CoreProtect was what I used), and/or just have heavy server-side restrictions as to what blocks people can modify and where.

I hosted a somewhat popular server for a short while, was fun at first but got annoying real quick having to deal with griefers.

  1. How would floods of people crash your server exactly? I never heard of that being a problem for anyone really.
  2. Good luck with that request. Can write it in large boldface text and people will still ask.
  3. Sounds easy unless you come across one of those persistent griefers. Dynamic IPs and VPNs are pretty easily available. I would also hope significantly that you aren’t running with online-mode false; name-spoofing is quite easy too.

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hey guys we have fixed alt of the lag problems on the server and it is running better than ever we have more slots and the lag you were experiencing has been removed (hopefully) so lets get some life back into the server its been pretty dull lately.

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okay guys we have thee mc prohost server up and things are running smooth if any of you guys need the ip to It or want to join just send me an pm.

(Ellie) #16

you guys should make a hunger games server that would be sick


But all the weapons are yoyos.

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maybe in the future, but we will be having a pvp arena in the set up of a hunger games arena. this change will be made after we update to 1.8.

(Erik Kerber ) #19

I want to join this for fun. PM me the Ip when you get a chance.

Is everyone on there a yoyoer or are there non throwers aswell?


there’s non throwers as well oh btw 1.8 is coming really soon as in within 2 weeks!