I want to tell you a little about Unparalleled.

It all started off with me making yoyos by myself. I created what I thought was the best monometal design, then made it bimetal, and then titanium. The result of that was the AXIS Pulsefire, which debuted as a bimetal yoyo. I still currently believe that the monometal version is one of the best yoyos ever made.

I took on a challenge to make an even better yoyo, so I decided to work with Yuuki Nishisako, a player that has a huge trick repertoire, ranging from slacks, to speedy horizontal combos.

Because of his large variety, he needed a yoyo that could not only handle speed tricks, but also layers. This was tricky as whip binds become harder as the string gap opens up, so therefore we needed to create a balance of everything. The yoyo, although the dimensions narrow, feel quite wide because of the step at the bottom. This allows for narrow passes but easy slack hits.

As a result, Yuuki was a top 10 finalist in Japan Nationals:

Having co-founded Axis, I’ve started something new so I could make products that I believe are the best in the world, without having to settle for less. Get yours today at Yoyoexpert!

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Weighing in at 66 grams, this yoyo has a light touch, allowing for movement, but also has significant rim weight, to allow for extreme stability and spin time.
Modeled for Eric Tranton’s needs, this yoyo has multiple cuts on the profile, allowing for very good control from all angles.
Weight rings are fitted on the inside, to allow for more durability upon impact. In addition, an IRG cut is made to allow for more concentrated rim weight on the edge, and to allow for IRG.
The cup is a “back to the future” type, with the outer cup area designed to match the profile, but the nipple is made, similarly to the early yoyojam shape.
The color is a dark to light fade from the inside to the outside, and is one of the most beautiful anodizations I have ever had done on a yoyo. The yoyo is then lightly blasted for a smooth finish that minimizes spin loss when the yoyo comes into contact with your skin.
This yoyo will not only cater to 1A, but also to 3A and 5A, as the weight distribution makes the yoyo play solid enough for 3A, and nimble enough for 5A.
They will come engraved with the Unparalleled logo, designed by Elliot Ogawa on our team.
If you have any questions please let me know in the comments.
Diameter: 56mm
Width: 43.5mm
Gap: 4.8mm
Weight: 66
Bearing: Whipple C

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Hello everyone! I’m sure you’ve seen people talking about the Abduction recently. I’d like to formally introduce you to the product.
The Abduction was Elliot Ogawa’s idea. He wanted a yoyo that had less of a rock feeling that the ignition had. He also thought that the yoyo should be affordable, and durable.
We went back to the drawing board, using the ignition as the base. We increased the diameter by 2mm, and changed the material to 7075 Aluminium instead of 6061+SS. We beefed up the rims, and distributed the weight towards the inner rim area.
Elliot is not only a good 1A player, but he is a good 3A player as well. Because of this, we designed the yoyo to be for high precision tricks that can handle a lot of stress, and for stability as well.
Price: $45 USD solid, $55USD Splash.

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