unleashed vs. speed beetles

okay, so i’ve chosen to OFFICIALLY start learning 2a. i don’t want a loop 900, i hated those…

so i want to choose between some speed beetles, and some unleashed(s).
i want to know which would be better for learning.

i want to know stuff like which is better for learing and stuff like that,

I think they’re both fine for learning 2A. The Speed Beetles I’ve only played with once, and it was pretty fun to play with a fat, round, lightweight yo-yo like that. The Unleashed are a lot like the Loop 900s (which you hated), both of which I think are great. Their biggest advantage are that they are both adjustable gap (from wide to not being able to sleep).

I would pick the Unleashed myself, but I don’t think can go too wrong with either. I hope you don’t hate the Unleashed too!

I’ve never used a speed beetle, but it looks a lot like a pulse from the pictures. if it plays the same, then it’s actually a pretty good looper. got a pulse yesterday and I really like it.
And I’ve thrown an unleashed once or twice, and it’s also great. I don’t think you could go wrong with either. But as brian said, it’s similar to the loop 900. I personally love my loops though, so that could be why I liked the unleashed too.
Another choice if you didn’t like the 900s is to try to get some sunset trajectories. Grant johnson pretty much swears by them, because he didn’t like the unleashed.
Edit: Just thought I’d throw this in, once when I was hanging out at sunshine kite co., grant literally had like 30-40 sunsets in a backpack from the ceo of yyj. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a shame they don’t make the Sunset Trajectory anymore. How can they discontinue a yo-yo the national champion loves? And its o-ring response is so unique for loopers! Why not give people the option?

Oh well, I’m sure there’s a lot more to it than I know. I have a set of them, and I hope I never bust one.

Agreed, the ST is another option if you can find someone selling theirs.

i would get the unleashed

I have Sunsets and Unleasheds, and the Unleashed is better than the NXGs. The NXGs turned the string black (o rings), and were too light in weight. The Unleashed is a better choice.

… But that’s just me.

unleashed are the best loopers ive ever tried u should get them

hey guys, i’ve decided to get the speed beetles because alot of you say the unleashed play like loop 900’s (which i hate), because they are cheaper, and also because i have had more sucsecc using them