Unknown YoYo Trick?

What and how do you do this trick?


and here at :17


Thanks :slight_smile:

Its basically a Brent, but you grab the loop and whip it into the gap.

Its actually in my newest trick :slight_smile:

I think he means the two handed follow. And that’s really what it is: a two handed follow.

Oh, haha. I looked at the wrong part of the first video. ::slight_smile:

Any tips on how to do it? From what I see it is different from the actual follow.

I have no idea how to do it, but I’m sure if you can do regular follow and watch those videos enough, you could figure it out.

Well, since obviously these tricks are super easy, i see no need for a tutorial.

Jking guys, don’t jump me… :wink:

Rawr. Oh I mean RAWR!!! Haha.

Yeah, no need for a tutuorial. The trick can be easily seen from those videos, especially the second. Just takes practice.

Its not super hard with practice, but definently tricky to get down.

Logan taught me, and it was about a month until I perfected it.

You do that swingging thing, just like the Trapeze to Triangle in our learn section, but towards the outside. When you do it once, let go, ad then re-pinch and do it again. Quite hard to get down, but not super hard once you figure the trick out.

I’l have to figure out a way to slow it down.

Brett? Please? Thanks.

Do you also want to learn?

Anyway. Yes. Brett, if you could do this, it is much appreciated.