Unity yoyos house cleaning sale

Finally joined this forum after starting to learn to throw last year at the nice old age of mid-40’s to try and snag one of these. I can’t send any personal messages yet. If there’s still one available I’d like to purchase.

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I DMed you. If you cant message me im on facebook under Grant Wright.

Who did the machining? OD? If so, absolutely killer price.

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Do you have a Babe Swap available?


I have 1 left


Wait, so the Affinity yoyo is manufactured by yoyofriends? If so, that is absolutely awesome!

@Grantw1019 What will be the future of Unity Yo-yo’s? Will you be making another run of the affinity in the future or make another yoyo?

Unfortunately there wont be anymore. This run didnt go as well as i had hoped so i wont be producing anymore. That being said im still happy i did this run and got a yoyo out there that I love. :grin:


Bump ive got 3 left.

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I’m sorry to hear this as I for one believe you have made a really nice throw Iam really enjoying it pleased to have it in my collection. Would of certainly been interested in any future designs


A surprisingly good yoyo. Comfortable and floaty. Definitely the deal of the year. Maybe just a little slippy on binds but that is easily fixed with new pads. I think it will end up as my EDC for some time to come.

If anyone got one and doesn’t want it on me I’ll trade you for another!