Undersized yoyos?

I have a YYJ hitman, but I’m looking for a new throw… I’d like something around the same size and weight since I’m so used to that now. I also want to start 3A so I need something similar. All metal would be preferable and don’t have much of a price restriction. Good for thumb grinds would also be nice.

Oh, and a YYJ yoyo would be ideal… I have something of a brand loyalty :slight_smile:

if you want to start 3a, you should get two of the same yoyo. you can do it with something different, but I wouldn’t recommend this.
and also I’d suggest that you try out some other brands of yoyos eventually. limiting yourself to just yoyojam will just result in missing out on using some truly amazing throws. When I started I thought the same thing, that I wouldn’t need anything other than yoyojam yoyos. then I bought a g5, and I was quite impressed. and since I’ve tried quite a few brands, and there’s a lot of great brands out there. I personally love spyy and one drop quite a bit :slight_smile:

Another thing, you should try out some different weights/sizes to see what you like the best. But if you want to stay with the same size, I think you should go with a dv888, or another hitman. (not sure how well undersized throws play 3a though)

Id go for an eneme or nova